School Facilities

School facilities are one of the basic educational requirements, and it is necessary to maintain safe and high-quality school facilities from the perspective of maintaining and improving stage.

School Policies

School policies are an integral part of any school’s functioning. We at Marshall firmly believe in making sure that our stakeholders are fully informed of our system and style of functioning.

About Us

Multifaceted personality and Founder-President of Marshall School, D.Dun, Mr. Girish Chand Juyal is a man culturally and historically linked to the Himalyan regions of Garhwal and Kumaon. Son of forest officer, with natural love for the mountains, he trekked during the 1950′s and 60′s the

mid-Himalyas of Garhwal, Kumaon Tibetan regions chiefly to gather and analyse the cultural links, historical past and details of flora and fauna of the region. An active defender of India and her territorial integrity, he covered various features from NEFA region for some newspapers during the Chinese invasion in 1962. His confidential report on Himachal Pradesh, Garhwal and Kumaon in 1963 was appreciated by Mr. Dinesh Singh, the Minister of External Affairs. Mr. Juyal has written extensive and well researched articles on the similarity of the defence pattern of the country’s boarder areas and its strategic importance in leading national dailies. His intensive study of the significance and implication of the McMohan Line, Assam and NEFA and its defence received widespread.

Mr.Marshall Founder President Senior School Staff Junior School Staff His political leanings became transparent when he joined C. Rajgopalachari’s Swatantra Party in 1959. The Party’s as well as his focus was on a clear cut policy based on enterprise, free competition, less bureaucratic control and the distant economic programme.

A keen environmentalist, he succeeded in making Anghalia forest in the western Doon Valley -once a private gaming area-into a protected reserve forest. In the mid 1970′s Mr. Juyal started” Nanhi Duniya-Badhir Vidhyalaya”, a school for deaf and dumb Children, where he worked together with Mr. F.R.Marshall, an educationist. In 1987, he succeeded Mr. F.R. Marshall of a newly started Marshall school and in a short span, managed to clear up the school’s existing financial liabilities. His hard work paid rich dividends and Marshall School is currently reckoned among the top English Medium Schools of the country with its own NCC wing, and well equipped laboratories and academic results as well as co-curricular activities.

Mr. Juyal is the recipient of Bharat Excellence Award from the Friendship Forum India, New Delhi, for his outstanding contribution to education.

Founder President’s Message

The main purpose of imparting education at our basic, primary and secondary education is to develop the integrated personality of a child. It means that along with the academics the child requires the physical and total intellectual developments. Marshall School in Dehra Dun aims at promoting the public personality, sportsmanship along with the academics.

Twenty-ninth Olympics in Peking has reiterated it once again.India’s poor show has exposed the fact that as regards the physical development of a child and youth, we have no policy. We lack national effort in this direction. We have to formulate and intensify our physical education and national health in this respect.

We are happy that in Marshall School the education is being imparted in this direction.